Thursday, September 13, 2007

Court Hearing Whatever

When I talked to O. about the Court appearance on Tuesday he said he basically had to stand before a woman and then two people were character witnesses for O. and our school principal. Then the court lady said that Our People were to have no contact with The Other People for 6 months. Any kind of altercation between the two parties would result in them being thrown in jail.

We pretty much knew that was coming, and it sounds fine. but The Other People are cunning and ruthless and have no problem lying about us. So, we are now all being very careful not to ever be in any situation that The Other People could use to drum us some stuff about us.

We continue to keep the situation before the Lord. But the satanic attacks (and God's deliverances) just continue on. We had a very expensive piece of equipment stolen (and found) yesterday. I'll write about that in another post because it's a good story.

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