Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Shark Shark Baby

This is a scary picture of the inside of E.'s mouth. She is almost 7 years old and her two front bottom teeth are loose. Thank goodness.

However, I was somewhat dismayed to see that her 2nd teeth are coming in - NOT beneath the baby teeth pushing them out, but BEHIND the teeth. For a few days after she showed me I was imagining the horror of having to have E.'s baby teeth deliberately extracted by the dentist. I'm pretty sure none of us would have survived it. Thankfully, the front teeth are now wiggly but I'm not holding out hope that we may get through E.'s teenage years without orthodontic work.

Anyway, I did ask E. if she was related to sharks and when she denied it I kept at her telling her to admit the truth - that she was somehow related to the shark species - I'd have made a great homicide detective - E. continued to deny the accusations. This back and forth banter went on for a while until E. burst into tears, effectively ending the interrogation.

I asked her why she was crying and she replied that she's afraid of sharks.
I have no idea why, she's obviously related to them...

** Update: An hour after writing this post E. came home from school and one of the bottom front teeth is MISSING! Man, we can't help losing stuff over here...**


Matt Mikalatos said...

Okay, that is a creepy picture.

And the story about badgering your daughter into admitting she is a shark was hilarious.

Krista said: "Don't you just want to meet her?"

I said: "She tortures her children the same way I torture our children."

Anytime I want to see what the REAL missionaries are up to, I just drop by to visit here.

Okay. I'm going to go wash dishes now. Because I live in America there is no chance that a large monkey will come in the kitchen door and prevent it. *Sigh*

Rebecca O said...

I'm thinking we should all get together for a joint family picnic. I'll bring the Indian food and you bring the Greek. We'll have to coordinate our calendars.