Friday, September 28, 2007

Home Pharmacy

My house smells like a Doctor's office.

We just got through a week of free medical camps. It was sponsored by Operation Bless India. They sent the Pharmacist and all the medicine and we had to provide a doctor.

The Medical checkups and medicine were free for all who came. I never heard a final number but in the course of four camps we treated over 1000 people.

Medical Camps are a great way to build relationships with the community. We kept two camps in our city at both our school and 2 camps in cities nearby where our pastors are working. We didn't have a Christian doctor but we were able to share the Gospel with the one we had and the camps opened the door for us to enter some places more freely with the Gospel.
The team that came from Bless India left us with all the medicine they had left over. The total cost of the medicine they brought was over $5000 and there is lots left - and sitting in my house.

Anyone know any Doctors who want to come to India? - We have the medicine. (see pictures at top)

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Matt Mikalatos said...

I know a nurse who would probably come... and she, no doubt, knows some doctors. Send me an email and I'll hook you guys up.

matt.mikalatos (at)