Friday, September 07, 2007

Sending Emails

When an Urgent Prayer Request needs to get out fast, I send out emails. I LOVE email. I lived abroad long ago in the dark ages before Email was a household commodity - when letters from home took 2 weeks or a month to reach me. And, of course, they only ever came from Mom. (A month is FAST compared to the Real Dark Ages when missionaries would plan 2 months in advance just for a phone call!)

Back to the point - writing urgent emails (so urgent that I just realized I forgot to spell check and I KNOW there were spelling mistakes in there - dang.)

We (meaning our family and our ministries) have been threatened by a Hindu family of 4 brothers for the last 7 1/2 years. They spread all kinds of gossip about us and what we do. They talk to lawyers and attempt to bring court cases against us. They get the Police on their side. They threaten us (and our co-workers), often, with bodily harm - all this because we are Christian. They'd love to just be rid of us.

O. makes plans to ship me and the girls out of the country on a moment's notice - just to be ready. (Not like that's likely to happen, but he likes to bring it up every so often.)

Through this and the various other disturbances that we have been facing in our ministry over the last 7 days, we keep our eyes fixed on our Living God and repeat to each other that He has Already Won the Victory and for us to stand still or step backward is a victory for Satan and that is something that we are not willing to do.

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