Wednesday, December 05, 2007

December Prayers

I send out weekly prayer requests to a small team of ladies that I call "Mountain Rain" and here is this week's list. I thought I would share it because we can use all the prayer we can get!

1. Two days ago we were asked to vacate our office space - immediately. O. has spent the last 2 days looking for a place to go. This is very frustrating, someone or some ministry dept is always on the move due to being kicked out by our house owners.
Please pray for us to find good office space - like - right away :)

2. We have money for a down payment on land for offices, church and Bible College. It is located next to our school and if we get this land it will ensure that we will not loose road access in the coming days/years. We talked to the widow of the land owner who is ready to sell but her son (in London) is telling her not to sell it. Arg. Please pray for God to open this door if it is His will. I believe God is going to give us that land (or at least land nearby).

3. Pray for permanent land and buildings for all areas of ministry, it will be a great day when we don't have to be moving every month. Esp. pray for permanent housing for our co-workers.

4. Dec. 15 is the last day for the grant proposal we submitted to complete the 3rd floor of our school. We are praying that will be approved.

5. Christmas is coming - lot's of things going on. Please pray for us not to loose sight of why we are celebrating. Pray for joy and health and sweet fellowship. Most importantly, pray for opportunities to share the Gospel.

6. Friday we are starting to dig the foundation for our house. Whoopee! Please keep the whole house building thing in prayer. Thanks.

I want to end with some praises. Last Friday we had fasting prayer all day and we had prayed about how we could give Christmas bonuses to all our co-workers. Also, that night I looked out over our Children's home kids and thought - Lord, how in the world will I be able to buy new clothes for all these kids. That night I got a phone call that a person we don't even know was selling stock and giving it to our ministry for Christmas - to be used wherever! Hallelujah! Christmas bonuses and new clothes for everyone!

* I realize this is not the promised "mosquito post." coming, coming...

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