Monday, December 10, 2007

This Week's Prayer List

Last week I posted my prayer list that I send to my Mountain Rain praying ladies. Here it is for this week:

1. Elections in our state are tomorrow and the results come on Dec. 22nd. This is always a volatile time - even more so since Christmas is coming.
Please pray for peace, pray for protection, pray for God to raise up good leaders.

2. Our carol singing program is supposed to start from Dec. 17th and go to the 20th. But because of the elections, it is not certain if we can even do it this year. This is not only a fun time but a time to share the Gospel with unbelievers. Please pray for God to open this door.

3. On Dec. 21 we have our Christmas program- small this year, but please pray.

4. Please pray specifically for our co-workers to work in unity and to have good communication with one another. We fall way short in these areas.

5. Please pray for a bunch of Christmas cards we mailed to the US on Friday, please pray they reach their destinations.

6. Pray for me - I'm exhausted and the work is just beginning. I am starting to feel discouraged.

7.Pray for O. to make right decisions.

8. Please also pray for the grant proposal for our school to be approved. Last day is Dec. 15th.

9. Our house construction started on Sunday - Praise the Lord. Please pray that it will be built well, and within budget. Pray for wisdom for us.

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