Monday, April 27, 2009

Beginning Of Vacation Season

I always get blue during summer vacation in India. The mass exile of people returning to their home places has already begun and I face a lonely month of May.

I'm a people person. I get energized living in my little community and now most everyone is leaving. Hummm. Except us. We have plans to be in the USA during July - September of this year so we're not going anywhere on vacation. Of course, my girls are out of school and my house is continuously filled with children (why don't they go anywhere????) Today was like the first real day of vacation, I've got to develop some kind of discipline/schedule for sure.

O. is not here. He went to his cousin's wedding in Rajasthan. He also took with him his older sister Shekha, who has suffered from TB for years. She completed the full course of TB meds last year but this past Friday (during C.'s birthday party and before the wedding, all on the same day , you know) she had another relapse. She's been getting sicker and sicker this past month or so. O.'s in Rajasthan with her now deciding whether to admit her in a hospital there or to do it here. Her four children are with me. Pray for them all.

I think I'll start teaching everyone reading tomorrow.

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