Friday, April 17, 2009

Happenings Of The Last Week

I considered writing "Odd Happenings ... Week" in the Title, but changed my mind when I realized that this past week hasn't been any "odder" than any other week in my life.

We've continued to have some little trouble with the "neighbors." A couple guys threatened O. on Saturday night. O. then attempted to lodge a complaint at the police station and spent most of Sunday and Monday working on that - basically sitting at the police station waiting to meet the head guy. Nothing happened and one of our co-workers later described the time spent at the police station as them sitting "like dogs."

After a prayer meeting on Monday O. got the brilliant idea to send me to the police station to lodge a complaint from my side. I wasn't really for this idea since I didn't consider our situation to be quite so dire and me lodging a complaint (as an American) holds a lot of weight. I would rather have waited to play this card until a much more dire situation presents itself.

But, O. really wanted me to do it, so I did.

P. (the 6-week old) and I went down to the police station late afternoon Monday and were hustled immediately into an office (they unceremoniously kicked the other people who were in there out so we could go in). I submitted my complaint, had a copy of it stamped to prove that the copy I gave had been received and then went home. O.'s been much less stressed out since then.

A foreign woman and a small baby (out in the heat of the day) get real high preference in India.

Then early yesterday morning (3:20AM to be exact) I got a phone call that one of the members of our staff had delivered her baby. I picked up the phone and this was my conversation:

Me: Hello
The husband: Madam, it's a boy.

Not real vocal that one.

The baby did have to be rushed to another hospital because he had passed stool while being born and had swallowed enough of it to have difficulty breathing. I talked to the doctor at the hospital where he is admitted and she says he'll have to stay for 4-5 days, which is a major bummer. The mom was released from the hospital yesterday, she's doing great.

I spent a bunch of time shuffling between hospitals yesterday with three of my children. I only forgot P. once, which is good for me.

E. & C. are, as of today, officially on summer vacation. Whaaaa.

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