Sunday, April 26, 2009

Phoebe Got Married

This is the only picture I have of Phoebe getting ready. Her aunt is pinning on her saree. The rest of the photos will come from the photographers eventually.
The wedding was lovely, what I noticed of it at least. I was in charge of getting the flower garlands for the bride and groom for the ceremony. I was in charge of a lot of things. I forgot the garlands, that is, until the groom leaned over right before he was to walk in and said, "Did you get the garlands?" Ahhh. Well, I sent my driver, (yes I have one) and said, I don't care how you do it but I need two wedding garlands pronto (or something along those lines.) I was somewhat distracted during the ceremony waiting for the garlands to arrive, but arrive they did, mere moments before they were due. Whew.

Everything else was great, even the food.

There had been some family disturbances earlier in the groom's family and some other minor things, so I know that I and others were praying for a peaceful wedding day, and it was. It was all that I could have wished it to be, thank the Lord.

However, the prayers must have stopped on Friday because on Saturday afternoon while O. and I were sleeping (read passed out*) in bed the grooms brother-in-law came to our house to inform us that there was a big fight at the groom's sister's house over lunch and all the groom's family had packed their bags and were leaving.

We called everyone to our house and it was just the smallest thing. The groom's other brother-in-law, who lives in our city works with us, does not like Phoebe for some reason and from the time Phoebe came into their house on Saturday he wouldn't enter the house. He had been against the marriage from the beginning, although we don't know why. It's his wife's brother who got married to Phoebe, not even his own flesh and blood... Yes, it makes no sense.

It all got worked out in the end and everyone apologized to everyone else. So alls well that ends well...

*I was so tired Saturday after C.'s birthday party and the wedding on Friday that I was dizzy and felt like throwing up all day from sheer exhaustion. Oh well, now it's Sunday and I'm just fine.

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