Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Hotel O

We do stay busy around here. Not just that we have lots of guests coming and going, but I've been especially busy with E. & C. the last few days because they are in the midst of final exams. The Indian school year ends this month. By next week we'll be into summer vacation. Arg.

I'm also trying to get my consular appointment for P.'s passport, US birth certificate, and SS #. We should be heading to Bombay to take care of that in May. (Our little vacation...)

Actually, we're planning to be in the US from mid-July to mid-Sept. This is kind of a pre-notice about that. You can keep it in mind.

This is also a strange free flowing blog post without much of a main point although I think was going to write about the various guests that stay in our house.

Last week we had an interesting crew that just showed up. Well, we had a little notice that some people would be coming but not much. It turns out that one of the guests is the writer of Christian worship songs in Hindi and that he's written at least three songs that we sing all the time. Like, Christians all over India (who worship in Hindi) sing all the time. Somewhat exciting. The Christian community in India is pretty close knit I guess, yet, although there are only 2-4% Christians in the entire country - when you're talking 2-4% of over a billion people, that's still a lot of people...

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