Friday, April 17, 2009

Nursing Reading

I've always read a lot while I've nursed my children. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of access to English books where I live so I've been rereading a bunch of old favorites lately.

In the midst of that I did get four (previously unread) books that I ordered with a Christmas CG which were:
Sweet Revenge by Diane Mott Davidson
The Final Warning by James Patterson
Pigs in the Parlor by Frank & Ida Mae Hammond
And another book that was just so good I can't even remember what it was. Maybe there was no 4th book. Don't blame me, I have four children.

Sweet Revenge was much like all the rest of D.M.D's Goldy the caterer books. They've kind of become predictable. I liked them better when they had the recipes interspersed throughout the novel.

The Final Warning. What can I even say. Mr. Patterson, I love your Max and the other bird children books. But did you have to forsake a PLOT in your effort to promote your "Save the Environment" propaganda? Snif. I expected more from you, this novel was a cheap trick. (shaking head) And I do want to save the environment!

Pigs in the Parlor is a book about deliverance from demons. No really, it's not a novel, that's seriously what it's about. I found it informative and helpful.

These are the newest books I've read while nursing.

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