Monday, January 04, 2010

The Day I Have Been Waiting For - My One Thousandth Post!!!

Sadly, I do find my 1000th post somewhat thrilling. O-Kay - A Lot Thrilling. Yay, One Thousand posts, people.

I won't even waste this post on a throw-away picture post - No - I'll give you a real, live entry for Mr. One Thousand.

If this were not my One Thousandth Post I would have called it, "How I Spent My New Year's Eve."

I spent a large part of New Year's Eve 2009 in a hospital delivery room. I was somewhat deliriously happy not just over the new life about to enter the world but over the fact that I was NOT the one on the delivery table, for once.

Phoebe, who lived with me for four years and was married last year, went to the hospital in labor on December 30th (while I was in the movie theater with my kids watching, "Avatar.") She was sent home and was readmitted 24 hours later.

By New Year's Eve I was in the delivery room with her helping her push. Yes, I did every action, I felt like was giving birth myself (but no pain, thankfully.) She cried a lot and kept grabbing my head and saying "Mommy-sah, when will it be over????" (I can do a good imitation of her voice but that's irrelevant here.)

After about three hours on the bed, at 7:50PM Phoebe gave birth to a healthy, chubby little boy. Everyone was fine. I stayed for a while in the hospital and then headed home to eat and bathe (I was stinky, giving birth is a stinky business. - OK, assisting.) I caught about 45 minutes of our New Year's Eve service and then went home and went to bed.

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Di said...

Congratulations on the BIG 1000!! Or Happy 1000th Anniversary!! I'm sorry I didn't check in on the blog yesterday! Remember when you just started????