Thursday, January 21, 2010

Photos Of The Persecuted

I received these photos this morning from two men who came back from Rajasthan last night. It took me a while to just get myself up to even looking at them. These are people we know and love. Our family in Christ and in blood.

These photos have all been taken over the last 3 days.

Pastor Surjit (This is the father of the president of our ministry.)

His hand was cut while using it to stop the ax that was coming toward his head.
O.'s sister with a broken leg. They didn't get any medical treatment until over 24 hours after the incident happened.

Ramesh, with his injured foot.

The man who held the meeting. It was at his house where the fighting broke out. He and many others have not been able to go back home due to fear of repercussions.
He was hit in the head with an ax.
Pray for them. Pray for O. and the others following up with the police and in the courts. This case may have to go all the way to the capital in Delhi.

* ignore the dates stamped on the photos, they're all wacky.

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Ed Bruner said...

I'm sorry this happened. Please assure them they have brothers and sisters in USA praying for them.