Friday, January 22, 2010

The Police Are On Our Side

There has been a great breakthrough in the ongoing case of the beatings in Rajasthan. As of yesterday the police are now on our side. Since the beginning they have ignored, harassed, not helped and basically been unpleasant to us; but after two days of standing at the police station waiting for justice and inundating the police with phone calls from human rights groups, etc. from all over India, they gave in.

On Thursday night the police sent four security to escort some of the believers who were beaten back to their homes. One of the security men was supposed to stay there all night. This only happened through prayer. As God softened the heart of Pharaoh, he soften the heart of the police inspector, at last. Thanks for praying. After the past four days of hindrances on every side, this really was a great miracle.

The story gets better. After the security man was sent, O. and the guys with him returned to his home village in the evening. It's located about 3 Km from Tidi village where the attacks happened. As they pulled off the main road into the village they saw the security man sitting around with another man, drinking. He's supposed to be in Tidi protecting the villagers from more attacks and here he is three kilometers away, drunk.

O. got fired up, called the police inspector, threaten all kinds of stuff and got it all sorted it. But the end of it was that we caught the police corruption first hand and on film.

They are now much more willing to do what needs to be done.

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