Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Opposed On Every Side

O. just called and said that they continue to get negative responses from everyone - doctors, news media, police, lawyers, politicians. The other side (the ones who beat them) continue to spread lies and these seem to be the stories that everyone is accepting.

O. says tomorrow they will put a case against the people from the side of his sister, hoping that will hold some more weight because she is a woman and also seriously injured. He asked for prayer for that and also for a good lawyer.

He also called all the pastors from the city and surrounding villages to come together in unity tomorrow. He's hoping for a turnout of at least 100 pastors. Please pray for them to come together and stand as one in Christ.

Continue to pray for Onkar, the team, and those who were injured. Thanks for visiting my blog, I've had more visitors today than I think in the last 6 months combined! Pray!

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