Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday Updates On Rajasthan

O. and his team were at hospitals late into the night and early morning hours. The injured had been turned out of the government hospital yesterday and the doctors there refused to admit them. When O. arrived last night, he took all of the injured back to the hospital, forced the hospital to take their x-rays and then carted everyone off to another (private) hospital to be admitted. At present seven people are admitted in the hospital. His sister had a cast put on her leg and the others are being treated for their injuries.

At this point the government hospital personal, the police, and the media have all sided with the Hindu persecutors. (bribes) The report in the newspaper today ready that the Christians ate meat or killed a cow or some such nonsense and that is why there was the incident on Sunday night. Lies.

I did hear that some of the people had been apprehended and put in jail, but I don't have many more details than that.

We're all praying here and waiting for the phone to ring.

O. did tell me he'd be going to the mayor of the city today and to pray for that meeting.

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