Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Update On The Rajasthan Situation

O. and a team of about 9 others left this afternoon to go and encourage the believers in Rajasthan and help them out. O. just called me and said that they got news that the government hospital were the believers were treated did not admit them overnight but sent them home. Apparently, the doctor was given money by some of the persecutors to "lighten" the case. If believers are admitted in the hospital it would give weight to a court case. O. asked for prayer.

He also asked for prayer for himself that he would not get too angry over the situation and let his emotions control him but that he would allow the Lord to work through him. Please pray for him in this area.

O. and the team have not yet arrived but that's what we know right now from others who are there.

Ramesh. Our Bible College graduate who was missing last night and this morning but who has since been found. PTL!

I should have more details after O. and the others arrive tonight. Please keep praying.

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