Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Poverty And Religion

Here is where I take a moment aside to talk about the huge social issues in India. They are so great that they can actually distract from the ministry of reaching people for Christ. The abandoned and widowed women, the orphans or street children, the lepers, beggars… the list goes on and on. Poverty is the common denominator and you’d think that these people would be the easiest to reach for Jesus, think again.

Most of these people have been downtrodden so long that they are left with no – what’s a good word – shame? Here’s an example that I am taking from O. He worked in a leper colony for two years so he would know. Many lepers (not all) who profess Christ only profess when they are receiving something from Christians. They transform into Muslims or Hindus or whatever, according to the next wave of charity that comes through and who is sponsoring it.

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