Friday, October 21, 2005

Village Life

From Monday to Friday of next week we’ll be away. We haven’t been to O’s family’s village in months because we were in the US. Next week, in Rajasthan, there is a program put on by the organization where O. and many of our co-workers grew up and so O. and many of our co-workers are going. I do not want to go.

However, everyone must drive through O.’s city to get where they are going and once we reach there they’ll leave our driver and vehicle with me and take a bus (probably) to the other city where they’re going.

Are you confused yet? Onward. Here were my choices.

Stay home with six kids and no vehicle for 5 days and while school is out for a holiday.

Go to O.’s village and stay there from Monday to Friday while O. and everyone else go to the other city.

Go with everyone to the other city but stay at one of our co-worker’s parent’s houses for one day while everyone else is at the conference.

#3 tempted me, but I’ve made the 8 hour drive from O.’s city to the other city before and it’s a nightmare. Roads, not good.

#1 also tempting. Everything is neat and clean here. Normal schedule. Computer access (BIG plus).

Yet, when I was put on the spot tonight and told I must make a decision I chose #2. I actually really like going to the village. I don’t like the 7 hour drive with 2 small children. I don’t like having to stay in the village without O. for 3 days. I don’t like the fact I’ll be there for 5 whole days.

This is what it’s like there. (the negatives)
No electricity.
Green skuzzy water pulled up from a well whenever you need water for anything
Rock climb to pee or poop, your behind is generally exposed to somebody since you’re outside. (We did build a bathroom but it’s across the dry riverbed from where we stay. When you gotta go…)
Bathing – well, we did finally build a room for that. Cold water.
No computer – (I’m hyperventilating.) no just kidding.
We’re ALWAYS dirty. You can’t help it. You live on dirt, sit in dirt…
Food is cooked over a clay stove with wood collected from here and there burning under it. So, you generally are always stuck with a “village” smell.
There’s this black greasy soot on the bottom of all the pots from the open fires, that once it gets on your hands, clothes, or anywhere else, well, just forget about getting it off

OK, good things.
I get to spend time with my in-laws who I really do like.
E. & C. get to spend time with their aunt and grandfather
I’ll have Phoebe and Markus with me, both of whom will help and I like
Lots and LOTS of time to read
Our sleeping arrangements will improve – I’m bringing a queen size air mattress with me
The city near to the village is Gorgeous and I just love it there
I’ll take the kids to the zoo one day
We will have a car and driver
O. will be back on Thursday and we’ll have an evangelistic meeting

Alrighty then, so, after Sunday, Oct 23, don’t expect any entries for a while.

*My posts have been coming up late recently because my internet service has been wacky.

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