Saturday, October 15, 2005

Safely Home

I just finished reading a book that, frankly, exhausted me. As I write this entry to post, I can barely keep my eyes open my lids are so heavy. I feel a little dizzy, too. Yet, even as I started reading the book, I think I knew then that I would write an entry about it. The book is, Safely Home by Randy Alcorn. It’s a novel about the persecuted church, mainly in China but the scope of the book is much bigger than that.

One of the members of the team who came to visit last week gave this book to me as a gift. He was reading it at that time and it had been highly recommended to him. He considers himself “not a reader” but he devoured this book as no other in his life (to my knowledge - that was the impression I got from him). I, however, am a reader and I was interested to see what my thoughts on the book would be. Devouring books is what I do, it’s what I’m best at, always has been ever since 2nd grade.

This book is devour-able, although I would not consider it among the most devourable books I have ever read. I would consider this a MUST READ for every Christian AND non-Christian – especially us Americans.

More than anything else, this book draws you near to God’s own heart. His love for His children, especially those suffering for His name. Do you pray for them? The persecuted? Do you memorize scripture and hide it in your heart with the idea that one day, maybe it will no longer be available to you in written form?

I cried from page 359 onward. Sorrow. Joy. Pain. Compassion. It was all mixed together. If you lack a heavenly perspective - read this book. Even if you don’t, Read This Book.

I think my favorite part of Safely Home was the spiritual aspect that is clearly depicted in the novel. The world beyond our own that we so often ignore, forget about, pretend isn’t there. It is. And I’m sure glad about that.

Buy a copy for yourself and someone else – all proceeds go to the persecuted church. You can’t lose!

I highly highly recommend this book – even for non-readers.

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