Monday, October 24, 2005

Village Reading

It's a beautiful thing this blogging. Being able to write whatever I want. I mean, come on, you don't have to read it now do you.

However, I actually do pick and choose blog topics. Many an interesting or funny or whatever topic has gotten the ax while still in my brain. This usually occurs when the topic refers to something somewhat disgusting, although interesting or hysterical at the same time. I've considered starting another blog just for those topics that get nixed before making it to the computer. Well, you know, it's just a thought floating around in my head.

Anyway, here is my village reading list. The 5 books I am taking with me on my trip tomorrow. I CAN read in a car and so I generally take fiction for that, and then I'm sure to have many daylight hours of sitting around doing nothing to fill my head with knowledge.

(In no particular order)
1. Self-Editing for Fiction Writers by Renni Brown & Dave King
2. How To Teach English by Jeremy Harmer
3. Double Shot by Diane Mott Davidson
4. Black Rose by Nora Roberts
5. Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ by John Piper

OK, the explainations:
1. The Self-Editing one. Well, I wrote a fiction manuscript, sent it to agents and was rejected. But in one of my "how to get published" books it said to take any advice that agents do give in their rejection letter. This book was recomended by one of the agents highest on my list, so I'm gonna read it. And that's that.
2. The Teaching English one. I found that on Amazon, hopefully it will help with my Conversational English class for the Bible Students. We'll see.
3. Double Shot. I really like Mott Davidson's main character, Goldie Schulz and I've read all the previous novels. I've been waiting for this one to finally come out in paperback* before I bought it. I just got it in the mail and I think I'll start it in the car tomorrow.
4. Black Rose. I like Nora Roberts and this is the 2nd in a trilogy. I read the first so I ordered the second. Likable characters, a little racey ( as my mother would say).
5. The John Piper book. I've heard A LOT about John Piper but I've never read even a single book of his. I'm looking forward to this one. It was sent to me from ladies at my home church and it came over with the team a few weeks ago.

I'll give you an update when I get back.

*I pretty much refuse to read books in hardcover. I love paperbacks and I actually prefer used books to new ones.

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