Friday, January 06, 2006

# 100 Or The One Where I Risked My Life

This is my hundredth post. I've been excited about writing #100 since #91 or so. I do wish it were a more interesting/poignant/serious/meaningful one, but it's not.

Who'd have thought (not me) that I'd be writing about risking my life on an amusement ride at a fair in town for the big 1-0-0? That's just it, the entries just come to me and I think to myself - I gotta write about this and that's that. I don't always get around to writing everything I want to, not hardly, but I do my best. Many a good entry has been lost due to lack of writing time. If I'd written everything I've ever thought to write on here I'd have past #100 long ago and maybe a more exciting post it would have been...

I suppose we'll never ever know.

Anyway, I got home at 7PM after a long day of meetings and visiting and this and that, and 5 minutes later someone pops in our door and says O. wants us to come to a fair in town.

I slapped some fresh clothes on the 3 little ones in my house and was out the door minutes later.

O. and several other guys on our leadership team had gone to a local garden to pray and right next to it was the fair. They all decided to go after prayer and it really was a very nice fair, lots of shops and games and rides.

Four of us wanted to go on one of those rides that has 2 cars that go around in vertical circles. When one is up the other is down. You know the kind where you rock rock rock and then go all the way over so you're hanging upsidedown?

I'm not afraid of rides, just afraid of Indian built ones. So I was somewhat nervous when the shoulder restraints came down and mine was pretty loose. I was more apprehensive when the ride-guy takes some kind of strappy thing and wraps it around Anoop's (who was next to me) restraint and ties that to the metal structure - then DOESN'T do the same for me. Hello? Loose restraint! I want a strappy thing too!

I am not kidding you, my restraint could be pushed at least 10 inches out from my body. That's Almost A Foot! In the US those things are so tight that if you at all fat they don't even click down on your tummy.

I'm an optimist. I figure I'll be fine.

Not Fine. Not at all fine.

We started up and I'm telling you, if I wasn't holding on, I would have fallen out. It was that loose.

Anyway, it was still fun. Next time I'll bring my own strappy thing and tie myself in.

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