Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy 2006!

Since I didn't get to bed til 2AM and then I was up early for church and a wedding today, I'm not real fresh to write, but I wanted to get something up here.

I'll write more about the wedding later, hopefully tomorrow. It's one of those things that definitely falls into "all the little details"...

As far as a new year being here, I'm thankful that it's not one of those things that bums me out. So totally unlike a birthday (whew - I don't have to worry about that til the end of Sept - a long long long time away...). A new year just means that I need to get used to writing 2006 instead of 2005, that's about it for me.

I'm not a resolution person, so I don't have that hanging over me. I'm more goal oriented, like, I'd like to accomplish _____ and January is a good time to start, kind of person. It's so much easier to deal with since, you know, there's a beginning, middle and an end. Unlike, for example, losing weight... it never ever ends. Why even bother with resolutions like that?

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