Friday, January 13, 2006


Here's something that has been on my mind for a while. Our house.

We've lived in 4 different rented houses in the 6 years since our marriage and we were informed last month that we need to move out of this house in the next 2 months. O. and I sought the Lord and it was clear to us (and everyone else) that we NEED our own house - one that we won't get kicked out of.

We started to look into purchasing a home and it quickly became evident that the way to go is to buy land and build. The man who is building our school (also a good friend of O.'s) is building a house on a plot right behind where we used to live. There were 2 plots open there and so O. is going with the builder on Monday to Bombay to put down some money and secure them in our name.

We love the location and since it's right behind where we used to live, all our old friends are there. It's also smack dab in the middle of all our different ministries (children's home, church, schools, offices...).

It's exciting to know we're going to have our own land at last. God miraculously provided the money for an initial down-payment through 3 separate families/churches, so we're trusting Him that He's going to stay with us on this til the end.

My biggest tension in the whole matter (at this point) is where we will live in the interim. I hate moving, not to mention it's expensive. Then to have to do it twice in under a year or less. Arg! I'm just praying we can stay in this house until we can move for the final time to our own home. I hope it's soon. I'm sure to keep you updated.

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