Tuesday, January 17, 2006

If You Don't Laugh

I was in a meeting today with O. and some other co-workers and they mentioned that the septic tank in the Bible College dorm was full and the downstairs toilet (Indian style) was overflowing. One co-worker kept repeating, "We just had it cleaned out 20 days ago. It should take at least 6 months to fill up again."

Before this meeting we had just finished another meeting about the Bible College with the cook and the "warden" (the man in charge of all the Bible Students). One of the things we talked about was making less food. The 15 (all male) students were eating up a storm.

That conversation combined with the "It should take at least 6 months to fill up again..." comments started me (and I wasn't alone) giggling. O. was saying, "This is serious. I have a lot of tension. What will we do about this? Where will we get the money to keep fixing it..."

I said, "Baby, if you can't laugh about it, you may as well just cry."


laurie said...

Hi Reb,
this is the first time I have gotton on your blog, charlotte had to help me because I'm so tech. Any way Millie and Charlotte both read Eragon and the got the Eldest for Christmas and have read it now as well. isn't that author only like 18 yrs old? Well off to soccer with Char. love hearing about your life!!!

deb said...

...so, if you don't feed them as much, might that assist the septic 'issue';-D


Rebecca O said...

We're sure hopin' so