Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Wednesday Already

What am I doing? It's Wednesday?

Let's see what this week looked like. Oh yeah, I had Chortie over the weekend. She latched on to me and I was on baby duty - that's it. Baby duty.

We took 24 kids to the fair on Sunday night. It was a mob scene, but we thankfully we came home with 24 happy kids, so I guess we were sucessful. I'm not claiming they were all ours ...

Chortie, her dad, me and C. went to the hospital for a check up on her arm Monday. The medical files were supposed to be there, they weren't. Someone picked them up last week. Start search for medical file. Find them. Chortie goes into the doctor's office. Screams and screams some more. The Doctor says she'll need to be sedated (she needed to have a procedure to remove a wire sticking out from her tiny elbow. She broke it over 2 months ago and had surgery in November.) Bring Chortie home with the instructions that she needs to fast. Yes, not eat for 4 hours - over lunch. We're talking about an 18 month old here - who barely at breakfast.

Chortie screams all afternoon because she's hungry. I'm sure she'd lost all faith in adults by this point considering her dad and I had to hold her down in the morning while they took x-rays of her sore little arm - THEN I refused to feed her.

I had my English class at 3:30 so I sent Chortie with the Christy, woman who runs our Children's Home, and her dad for the 3 PM appointment. Good move on my part since Chrortie got admitted in the hospital over night. She now goes for phys. therapy 3 days a week.

Uhhh, birthday party Monday night. Office work yesterday and I was informed by my husband that we need to get a newsletter out and it take priority over everything else. Including the month end tests for our Bible students. (I have to prepare them and make the test like - today.)

Last night our ladies ministry went visiting in a city nearby, we left at 5:30PM and got home at 10:30PM. Comforted a crying C. who was left behind.

Today, still trying to do the Bible College work for me and O., as well as work on the newsletter, but before all that - tomorrow is India's Republic Day. E. is in a program at her school at 7:30 AM, O. & I are in programs at the big school at 7:30 AM and then at 9AM we're supposed to leave for a church picnic.

Ha! I don't think so.

I'm working on getting as much done today as I can...

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