Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bible Quiz

Our latest project for the Ladies Ministry in our church is to conduct a Bible Quiz on October 2. The quiz will be taken only from the book of John and the women will have had 2 full months to prepare for it.

There is a vaild reason behind the madness of this idea. We want to encourage our women toward personal Bible Reading. Our hope, prayer, and encouragement is that the women will continue to read the Word of God daily, even after their study for the quiz is over.

So, that being that. Vinita and I divided John into chapters 1-11 (hers) and 12-21 (mine). Then we made 40+ multiple choice questions each from our chapters. We presented them today to the church committee leader who was to choose the final 50 from the best of the original 80+ questions.

I said to Anoop, the committee leader, aka - our pastor, aka - my very good friend; pick more questions from Vinita's list. I won't feel bad to have less of my questions chosen, (but she's a little sensitive that way.)

So, he goes through Vinita's question list first, checking off the ones that are "keepers" and comes out with exactly 25. I breathe a sigh of relief.

Then he does mine.

At the end, he had chosen a little more than 25 questions. Then he turns both papers over in front of him and says to Vinita, "We'll take 20 questions from your list and 30 questions from Rebecca's.)

I knew he was going to do that, it's why I told him NOT to in the first place.

After Vinita left I said to Anoop, "What were ya thinkin'?"

"I know, I forgot."


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