Thursday, August 10, 2006


God has been good to us this year. The city political people decided to dig a bunch of drainage trenches for the rain to flow out of the city. Because of them, we have not been badly affected by floods due to monsoons - but it seems like everywhere else around us has.

We have guests staying with us and we tried to send one on his way last night and another on her way (in the opposite direction) this morning; both got turned back due to floods and buses and trains being canceled, held up, etc.

Some cities nearby are literally under water.

I asked my mom last night if the flooding had been in the paper over there in the US and she hadn't seen anything. It often will be. Peoples' homes are filled with water and dams are still bursting or over flowing. There doesn't seem to be much to do but wait it out.

I wonder about our pastors in the villages. We had a team going to one city tonight to visit the pastors working in the villages around there but it got canceled due to someone dying (not one of our people).

O. heard on the weather that more rains are on the way.

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