Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Engagements Are A Big Deal

Engagements are a big, hairy, family deal in India.

Very formal, contracts signed and everything.

We were at one yesterday - all day. The program was in the evening and for some reason, we were in charge. It was all very nice. I got 2 lovely sarees out of the deal. One from the boy's and one from the girl's side.

The girl and the boy sit together in front of their families and whoever. During the service there are Bible messages, songs, vows, and then prayers and contracts signed by everyone and their uncle (literally).

After this comes the exchange of gifts (something for every family member on both sides). Then an exchange of rings - yeah for both the boy and the girl. They exchange during the wedding ceremony too.

It all goes on and on. Garlanding, feeding each other cake, photos... Then we all ate dinner and went home. Glad it's over, it was wicked humid yesterday.

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