Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Difference Between My Girls

My mom recently sent some photos of when our whole family (excluding us) got together at the shore over the summer. One picture was a cute one of a bunch of the cousins at the table eating dinner.

C. (my 3 1/2 year old) sat with me and asked me everyone's name a million times.

Who's this?

Caleb (pronounced by C. as "Cah-leb" - the Indian way)

Who's this?


Who's th...

A little while later E. (my almost 6 yr old) comes over and to look at the picture for the first time.

Her eyes get real big and she points down at it and says:

"What Is This??!"

It was a plate of curly pasta with shrimp in a red sauce.

The cousins didn't hold a candle to the pasta.

* I'd scan the picture but my scanner driver disappeared so it's currently out of commission. I'll try to get it reinstalled on my new computer!

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