Monday, August 21, 2006

Stars In His Eyes

Today is the beginning - of something.

I wrote several weeks ago that O. has a vision to eventually move our head office to another city an hour and half away. It's much bigger than where we are presently located and the facilities provided there would greatly benefit the ministry in so many ways.

Since last week, O. has been talking and planning and praying about going today for the first prayer survey of the city. We've been to this city plenty of times before, but as O. said, today is really the first time.

He made and printed copies of his "action plan" for surveying the city and handed them out to everyone. We talked over it, we prayed for a long time, and then O. took off with 8 other guys for their "12 spies" like survey of - well, maybe not the promised land, but where God is leading us at any rate.

As he talked about today's survey, I think he was glowing. This is so right up his alley.

Pray for us. This will be a long process of prayer and surveying the different areas of this LARGE city, seeing where God is guiding us.

Nothing drastic is happening and probably won't happen for more than a year at least. But we're being obedient and following God's lead.

Once the guys get back, I'll update with their thoughts and positive and negative points.

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