Thursday, December 29, 2005

Christmas Baptism

On Christmas day after church and lunch we had 12 people get baptized in a river nearby. It was a wonderful time.
5 people who chose to be baptized live in the slum areas of our city. They're basically squatters who are regularly kicked off of different plots of land. After one woman came to know the Lord from that area about 3 years ago we now have a large ministry among the Hindus there.

The fiance of our worship leader was also baptized, she came to know the Lord out of Hinduism 6 months ago. Her father is not happy about it at all.

My friend's, (Vinita's,) husband chose to be baptized, as well as Phoebe who lives with me. There were 2 other ladies from our church who are active in the Ladies ministry and 1 of our Bible students and another Bible student's brother. Ok, that completes the 12.

Here they are.
O. talking to them about baptism beforehand.
Our pastor baptizing in the river.
I couldn't get closer because we already had a crowd of people watching us and I tend to draw a crowd. I was taking pictures from under a towel on the shore.

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