Wednesday, June 07, 2006

E.'s Fall Continued

…Our pastor said they would reach our house in 10 minutes. And they did.

Coming in our vehicle with our driver and pastor was another co-worker of ours and also a local man, Upender, a friend of O.’s. Anoop (the pastor) came into the room where we were all sitting and immediately prayed for E. and then we set off to find a hospital.

I was grateful that Upender was there since he knew where to go, but the first hospital (specifically for accidents and injuries) was closed and they sent us to a surgeon down the street.

He was in, since he lives in the building where he operates. We met him almost immediately and he checked her out, said she was fine now but we’ll wait and see tomorrow. So that was sort of comforting. He prescribed some pain reliever and antibiotics and set us on our way with instructions to come at 10AM the next day.

E. slept all night and I watched over her since I couldn’t sleep. Every time I tried to rest I could see her going out the window and hear her scream. I still have trouble being in that room.

The next morning we got an X-ray of her face and by the evening we knew she had no fractures and she was fine. This all happened Sunday night and by Monday morning she was jumping and playing and normal.

She is absolutely fine.

God is so Good!

I just wanted to add that when E. fell and I knew she had gone all the way down, I was frantic. But even before I saw her walking, it was as if my heart was wrapped in peace during those terrifying seconds.

It is a miracle. I will have pictures of the accident and E. up in a few days but O. has his laptop with him and won’t be home til maybe Thursday.

* By the way, E. is 5 years old. I should have put that in the first post.

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