Monday, June 05, 2006

Police Police Police

After church today O., the girls, and I were out front of church on the motorcycle ready to go home and a police jeep pulls up and comes over to O. The policeman was pleasant and showed O. a paper in a language we can't read and says O. has to come to the police station.

So, O. and 3 others went. He had to sit and wait 2 hours and was totally annoyed, but it turns out it was an inquiry because he requested something to do with marriage licenses. They asked a lot of questions and we were relieved it was nothing more than that.

O. left tonight to go to his father's place and work some more on resolving the land issue. He may have to put a court case against the other people since they are not cooperating and signing the papers. He's been holding off for 2 years but it may be time. He hopes to be home soon, like maybe Tuesday morning. Please pray!

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