Monday, June 05, 2006


I would have been on here sooner but we’ve been plagued with power outages. Last night our power went out around 1AM and since it did this the previous week, I didn’t think much about it and just assumed it would come back on again in 2 hours (like it had before). It turned out it wasn’t a general outage at all but that our electrical box had burned up. Good thing O. checked. So at 2 AM he went to our electrician’s house and dragged the poor man out of bed.

So, we got back to sleep around 3AM or so. It’s hard to tell exactly when, since our many mosquito bites kept us awake for quite a while itching even after the electricity was back on.

Right inner forearm – 6 bites in a line
Right ring finger, knuckle - 1 bite
Left forearm – 3, possibly 4 bites
Right hand, middle finger, knuckle- 1 bite
Left leg – mercifully unscathed
Left foot – 3-4 bites
Right shin – 3 bites
Right foot – 1 bite

Of course this happened on a Saturday night, Sunday being the only day of the week we HAVE to get up early. AND O. was preaching and a guest staying with us was giving a testimony in church the next morning.


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