Monday, June 05, 2006

X-Men United

I went to see X-Men United on Friday. I dragged O. and family friends along with me. I don’t think any of them liked it since they talked through most of the movie.

Actually, I didn’t love it myself, and I Love X-Men.

SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS – if you care. (”Spoilers” means that parts of the movie plot will be revealed hereafter so don’t read on if you eventually want to see the movie and don’t want the plot spoiled.)

I was a little horrified at one of the beginning scenes when “Young” Warren was filing off his feathers to hide them from his father. I’m still a little shaky after that scene – but I get the point of it. After that they never developed his character. Why even put him in the movie? I mean, you know, other than that he looked cool and they’ll make lots of money off of adolescent girls papering their bedroom walls with his picture.

And that right there is the problem with the entire movie. Every single Interesting character in the entire film was ignored in the plot.

Let me just spell it out and tell the world how I really feel. STORM is the BORING-est X-Man everrrrrrrr and just because Halle Berry (Academy Award Winner) was playing that part it’s as if the writers of the script had to build up her role in the last 2 movies. I bet she said, "If I don't get a bigger part, I'm not returning." Politics Politics ruined the stinkin' film. Sorry Halle, it’s not about you, you just got a bum character with no personality. you should have walked away.

THEN, fascinating characters that I love, like – Rogue – are given sissy parts in the 2nd and 3rd movies. Am I the only one who wanted to see more of Rogue – and hey, isn’t she an Academy Award Winner too? Could she have been any more of a blah character in XM3?

And then, of course, the big bad MALE lead character had to save the day at the end. Look, I love Hugh Jack…, I mean, Wolverine, as much if not more than the next guy, but does he ALWAYS have to save the day? And being in love with Jean? Yeah, she’s beautiful, but ALSO – no personality people. B-O-R-I-N-G. Did she even have a line in the entire film? Did anyone else notice that she spent most of the movie standing around, looking dazed?

Some things I did like:

I did like that main people were killed off.

I loved Beast and I think he was one of the best things about the entire movie, esp. his fighting. Very cool.

I liked Iceman finally coming into his own. Go Bobby. I can't stand that Pyro guy.

The make-up and special effects were impeccable in my opinion and the movie is worth seeing just for them. (see 2nd post for more personal views)


Matt Mikalatos said...

I went and saw this last week, too. I think the effects were nice (particularly liked the scene where Juggernaut was chasing Kitty through the walls), but I am with you. Why is Storm a main character? Why did they even have Cyclops in the movie for crying out loud if they were going to take him out without even giving him a chance to do something heroic? LAME!

And why did I find myself liking Juggernaut better than, say, Colossus? Colossus was purely in the movie so someone could throw Wolverine. Grrrr.

Okay... but did you stay past the credits for the last little scene? That was a little something at least...

I'm sure X4 is prohibitive price wise (Kelesy Grammar supposedly got 5% of the net profit, which means WHO KNOWS how much Halle and Hugh and so on raked in) and probably part of the reason X3 was lame.

But "Wolverine" the movie is in the works (Jackman to star and co-produce) and rumors are starting about a "young Magneto" movie... before he was a bad guy. I assume, of course, that someone else will have to play him.

In other news, the new "Superman" movie is looking not completely horrible. Which would be nice.

Rebecca O said...

I didn't see the very end, the people I was with would not have been appreciative of me sitting through the credites. I guess I'll have to catch it on DVD.

I hadn't heard any of that other info either, - I'd go see "Wolverine." "Young Magneto" - not doing it for me. I don't find his character all that interesting either except that he was a holocaust survivor.

Colossus - well, I guess it never occured to me to complain about him being in the movie probably since I'm a woman, 'nuf said.

Cyclops, - glad he's dead. Alright, that's a little harsh, but he is a fictional character.

The very last scene of the movie was soothing to me. I knew it was coming but it still helped with my depression over the "curing" thing.

Anonymous said...

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