Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My Wonder Child And My Wonderful God

Last night, around 11PM, E. sat down on a windowsill and leaned against the window that was locked but the lock was loose. As soon as her weight hit the window it opened and she tumbled head over heels out the 2nd story window.

I was on the bed and saw it happen. About 3’ below the window is a cement ledge and then about a 12’ drop to the ground from there. I jumped up and rushed to the window hoping against hope that she was just on the ledge, but she wasn’t. I started to scream to everyone in the house to get outside, that E. had fallen out the window.

I ran downstairs and before I could get out the front door I saw E.

My baby girl was walking. She had fallen all that way, hit a ledge and landed in about a 3 ‘ wide space onto broken bricks and an iron grid (we’re having cement put in this week). And she was WALKING.

My sister-in-law reached her first and carried her inside, by the time I saw her I could see that she was relatively unscathed.

She fell all that way onto bricks and iron rods, barely missing a wall that would have broken her in half had she hit it.

She was not unconscious.
She didn’t break a single bone in her body.
She didn’t lose a drop of blood.

It’s a miracle. I know that the prayers of so many people all over the world who daily submit us at the feet of the Lord were heard and angels carried her safely down.

I cleaned her face last night and we took her upstairs checked her out. We were all so relieved that she was ok. She has bad scrapes on her face and her right eye swelled and she has some bad bruises, especially on her legs where I think she may have hit the wall. But she’s fine.

We all prayed and praised the Lord and at that time I thought, she could have internal injuries we can’t see, so we better take her to the hospital. Well, there are no ambulances here or emergency rooms. O. had just left for another city to catch a bus to his village and our vehicle was dropping him there. They were due here at about 11PM so I called them first to see if they were going to be home soon. I reached our driver (aren’t cell phones wonderful?) He said they were 20 km away. A minute later our pastor, and good friend, Anoop (who also was in the car) called back and said, we’ll reach your house in 10 minutes. And they did.

To be continued tomorrow…

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Matt Mikalatos said...

Are you kidding me? That's crazy. And I can't believe you are making it a two-parter. That's really great and I'm glad your daughter is okay.