Monday, September 12, 2005

6 Boxes

Yesterday I got a call that 6 boxes had arrived from the US. When they came to my house I saw that 5* of them were from my friends J. and T. What a surprise! There were 2 boxes of kid’s clothes for our Children’s Home. Two more boxes of winter clothes for our C.H. kids (winter clothes are painful to buy because we only use them for a short while, but necessary. It does get cold here for about 2 months and even a little cold feels REALLY cold when your body is adjusted to 10 months of 90 – 120 degree weather.)

There were also some clothes for our Bible College students, believers and village pastors. THANK YOU.

Here are some of the C. H. kids in their new “hip” outfits.

This is my favorite one. You’ll see that she’s wearing some kind of dance bodysuit with a half slip on the bottom. (This picture was taken at church this morning. Me, shaking my head once again.)

Thanks again, J. & T!

* 1 box was one of books that we had sent to ourselves.

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