Monday, September 12, 2005

A New Bed/Room

E. & C. have been in a room with O. and me since their births. It’s gotten kind of squishy. Since we are now in a house with plenty of bedrooms, we designated one for the girls. Last night O. and I went shopping and bought a bed for E. and C. See below.

We spruced up their room with some Disney Princesses and we’ll see how they do tonight!! Mom (that’s me) is very excited. Of course when I asked C. where her bed was (we were standing right in front of it) she pointed to MY bedroom. Um, not anymore.

When E. was asked about her new room and bed she gave pretty much the same response. However, she did enjoy decorating with the wall stickers.

E., C., and Markus - their cousin on the new bed.

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