Friday, September 09, 2005

Hard Pill To Swallow

At least that's what my dad calls it.

O. is in Rajasthan, the place where he was born. On his family's land. The land that has been theirs for generations. At his father's house. The house O. built for his father on their family's land.

Why is O. there? The people living behind O.'s father's land somehow got O.'s family's land registered in their name and now claim it is theirs.

Poor O. spent 2 days doing all he could and it came down to buying back our OWN land from these people. You almost want to let it go but his father and sisters and brother depend on him to fix this. They say, this is where we were born, this is where our mother died. It must stay in our family.

So, O. just called me, he said the people were asking $5000 for it. O. got them down to $2500. He gave them some money and said he'd pay the rest over the next few months. These people would still rather fight. And when I say fight, I mean, Fight, with fists and sticks and big knives. It IS the village. They do what they want.

O. basically said to the people who still want to fight, if you don't go through with this then I'll take you to court and that's going to COST you money whether you like it or not. That slowed 'em down.

Anyway, hard pill to swallow.

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