Sunday, September 04, 2005

Of Missed Meetings and Sick Children

I’ve been housebound for the last 5 days. E. and C. are/were sick. C. is better, E. is still pretty bad. She’s got a bad cough and runny nose and won’t eat. I got a ½ cup of chai (milk tea) down her this morning and that’s it.

Other than having sick and miserable kids, I’ve also missed just about every meeting this week AND church* since I’ve been home with the girls. So far, I’ve missed our Wednesday night Bible Study, Friday fasting prayer or the special meeting held in a another city where one of our pastors has a new work. (I haven’t visited there yet and I’m dying to) and church. There was a meeting yesterday and since E. was pretty good on Friday night and Saturday day, we went. E. felt bad and during the meeting asked to go home to bed at least 50 times. So, we’re back at home.

But missing so many meetings had me thinking last night about how much I love to go to them (we have them about 3-4 times a week, not including visiting). My kids like it too, well, when they’re feeling good that is. I think it’s great that we all go together and this is how we spend our time. What a great way to raise your children in the Lord.

The basic format of the meeting is this: Prayer (everyone prays out loud together), 3 songs, testimony by the person whose house we’re meeting in, short message, prayer, snack (chai, juice or chips or something).

This format can change depending on the purpose for the meeting like a birthday, new house or something like that, but it’s usually pretty much the same. Dependable. My kids are good, their friends are there, they sit together or play with some little thing. Sometimes they sit with other people or go outside, no one cares. They’re kids and this is India.

I was just reading about Joash yesterday and how he spent from age 1 to 7 in the temple hiding from his grandmother.** I think spending those early years in the temple with the priests was good for him and his rule.

* I LOVE church, missing it throws off my whole week.
** 2 Kings 11

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