Friday, September 09, 2005

Half of It

I'm actually writing this post right in the box and while I'm online for once. Usually I write it in Word, offline, and then dial up to paste in here. But... since my main job of the last few days has been sending large attachments to various people, I find that I am online anyway, so may as well make the best of it. Instead of writing in my blog I could be reading Harry Potter fanfics on Mugglenet but this is a much better option. (There will probably be considerably more mistakes this way. Read em and weap.)

Since O. has been away (yep, he's still gone) it's been quiet around here. Well, not yesterday, it was a school holiday and I had the kids over - all 23 of them. 9:30 to 4:00 (when I shooed them out). I had them over to watch some movies and eat lunch. Wouldn't you know it, my electricity was out all morning AND my gas tank (that fuels my stove) ran out of gas. No TV, no lunch. AND AND my driver called out sick so there wasn't much I could do about it.

I called a guy in our office, he went and took an extra tank from our Bible College and brought it over here on a motorcycle. Lunch was back on. I was making biriyani and I only had about 1 lb of meat so I really could have used my driver to go get some more, but I made due. Two friends of mine stopped over and they stayed too, we ran out of food, but everybody got enough. I fed the kids chips later on, they were happy. The nice thing about my friends stopping over was that they washed all my dishes for me. Wasn't that sweet! (I hate doing dishes)

The rest of the day I worked on pictures for a newsletter and stuff to be sent by ... you guessed it, the attachments. (Oh, the electricity came back on after about 3 hours) I generally had about 6 small children crowded around me and the computer as I worked. At one point one of them was actually sitting on the desk using the hard drive as a back rest.

Anyway, they seemed to think that me being on the computer was for their benefit and they kept asking me to pull up various pictures of the kids stored in there. They'd shout out someone's name and when I pulled up that child's picture they'd run and call them in here to look at it. This dramatically slowed down my work yesterday, but hey, I'm a pushover.

I wrote more than this, but it got lost and I'm not gonna write it again. I didn't love it anyway.

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dana said...

So was your driver aware of the fact that there were going to be 23 children in your house when he called in sick??? Sounds a little suspicious to me. Beck, I'm curious about your thoughts on the whole Harry Potter thing. Not being much of a reader, I have zippo desire to plow through the books. But amidst the controversy, D and I have decided not to encourage J to read the books.