Monday, September 12, 2005

The Kind of News You Love To Hear

On Thursday and Friday our local pastor, our pastor from the next city over, and two musical guys went on a short preaching tour to the state of MP. The spoke at two locations in the villages where our MP pastors work.

I spoke with the guys who went and one of them told me that, although it was pouring rain, people were coming through the fields, walking on foot to get to the meetings. At both meetings combined there were about 450 people.

Our pastor was so overwhelmed by it all he could barely get up to speak when the time came. Later when he shared the testimony about the meetings with us his eyes teared up at the greatness and goodness of God. After the meetings there was prayer and then a time for the people to give testimonies. Over 15 people stood to testify how God had moved in their life. The first woman who stood to her feet shared how her eyes were cloudy and she could barely see any more, but God had healed her and she could see clearly for the first time.

There were more people who wanted to give testimonies but there wasn’t enough time.

Here is a picture of the team of men working in our city at a meeting at my house on Saturday. The pastor who shared the testimony of God’s greatness is on the left in the striped shirt.

That's a funny picture.

Anyway. Praise the Lord!

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