Thursday, November 09, 2006

Christmas Praises And Prayer

The good news is that we got the 5000 New Testaments that we needed. Yay - and free too.

Thanks for praying.

The other thing is that been have been praying FOREVER for an LCD Projector. I cannot tell you how many times we've needed, it wanted it, tried to borrow one, rent one...

They're really expensive as you know, but when O. and our team went for the Bibles and some other things, they inquired about the LCD and we were able to get one with 30% down and the rest on an installment plan. These people had never seen O. before, but by talking with him they offered it to him this way.

I just came from the meeing where the man came and explained how to use it and we will inaugurate it this Sunday in church. Very Exciting.

Continue to pray for the Christmas program. (December 21st)

We still need to get permission to use the land in front of our school. Please pray for that land owner's heart.

We also know that Satan is and will continue to attack. Pray for unity amongst us all.

There are many enemies of the Gospel- I am praying that through all these Christmas programs while the Word of Truth is going forth that it will be like in the time of Elisha and the army of the king of Aram. (2 Kings 6)

Please pray and praise with us.

Praying right now would be a good start.


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