Friday, November 17, 2006

Christmas/Anniversary Saree

We did go to a big city and go shopping on our anniversary. O. asked me what I wanted for our anniversary and I said I wanted a saree to wear to our Christmas Celebration on Dec. 21st. (keep praying)

I had the colors red, black and white in mind (any combination would do.)

When I saw this saree I loved it. I still do, I keep taking it out of the bag to look at it - a good sign that you made the right choice.

The border is gorgeous and the blouse will be made from the same material with the same border on the sleeves.

It wasn't cheap - but it is a "standard" saree, as someone called it. Meaning - it's not going to go out of style. (And yes, Indians are VERY style conscious.) I have sarees from not even a year ago that I don't even wear anymore b/c they are out of style. (Good thing I only pay $5 for them.)

If you're going to lay out the big bucks (this saree cost $84) you may as well go for somehting you can wear for the next 10 years or so.

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