Thursday, November 30, 2006

Will Everyone Pa-leeze...

...Stop Eloping!

Thank you.

Actually, maybe that's only for people over here like my brother-in-law who eloped with a girl last week.

Such a long story. The girl was staying with us for a while at the request of her fiance, O.'s friend. Yeah.

So, the girl and O.'s brother fell in love. None of us had a clue. I know, hard to believe when you live together but remember this is an Arranged Marriage society so falling in love before marriage is a Big No No. It's amazing how cunning people can learn to be.

Finally, a couple weeks ago, O.'s brother told O. how he felt about the girl. We immediately removed her from our house and told them to wait, we'd do our best to work something out. Hey, the girl was engaged to another man, a friend of O.'s.

Then she called her family and told them and then her brother responded by threatening to throw acid on her face. Lovely. Well, it wasn't 24 hours after that phone call that the 2 of them disappeared. Had a court marriage and came back 9 days later. Thank you very much.

Well, she is a nice Christian girl, so it could be worse.

But it does come at the Worst time. We've got to make a lot of well thought out plans. They'll probably have another wedding in the girl's state (with most people not knowing that they're already married). Then a small ceremony in O.'s place.

We're not sure what we'll do in our city, I think the best thing to do is combine a reception with some other program that is already scheduled. (There's only a million of them in December and January to choose from.)

Walking a very very thin line.
Not what we need right now.

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