Saturday, November 04, 2006

Mission Prayer Points

On the last day of every month we have fasting prayer from 10Am to 4Pm. Our co-workers and believers come and you can sit for as long as you have time or all day. There are usually between 20-30 of us.

We have a prayer list that we go over as well as a time of testimony and personal prayer requests.

While we were praying for our Mission Department and our village pastors the following prayer requests came up. I thought I'd share them with you as well. These are especially beneficial to any of you who support our pastors.

Our Mission Director, Suresh, shared the following requests.

Pray for:

Pastor Yesudas and his wife. They've been married 4 years and no child.

Pastor Baria who has a large personal debt.

Pastor Samuel S. who is getting married in December.

All our pastors working near the city of Udaipur. There is some disunity between them.

100 new pastors to join with us in 2007.

500 new churches/house churches to be started in new villages in 2007.

500 new sponsors.

2 more informal pastor training centers to open.

Pray that Satan will not hold us back or allow us to stagnate but that we would move forward in our mission.

Pray for qualifed coordinators and trainers to work at training and encouraging our village pastors on a regular basis.

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