Monday, November 06, 2006

Sankart's Death

Do you remember in the spring I wrote quite a bit about Sankart and his kidney failure.

My sister-in-law and 4 other ladies from the church went to his area to visit on Saturday evening and found that he was once again very sick. Martha told me on Saturday night that she thought he was going to die.

She was right. On Sunday afternoon he passed away.

The Lord truly healed him and brought him back from the brink of death earlier this year and since then Vinita and I visited once every six weeks or so. We encouraged he and his mother to come to church. We always got the same excuse, he wasn't allowed to walk much because of the continuing dialysis.

I always had a hard time believing that a teenage boy stayed at home all day every day, even with Doctor's orders. But they were resistant to walking the short distance to our church.

Vinita and I cautioned them 3 times about drawing near the Lord in our time of need and then, when things are going well pulling away Him. We were clear, we were bold. Sadly, Sankart didn't get a 2nd chance.

We won't know til we get to heaven ourselves whether he made a true commitment for Christ. I know I personally shared the Gospel with him as did others. He heard the truth.

In the midst of the sadness, my heart is light from a clear conscience.

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