Thursday, November 30, 2006

Arranging A Marriage

Another reason the eloping is coming at a bad time (see next post) is because we are in the process of looking at a boy to marry O.'s sister, Martha. One marriage at a time please.

Actually, O. is at the boy's family's house today meeting them.

The boy in question studied in our Bible College last year and never forgot Martha. His brother is one of our village pastors.

So, the boy, Amar, called our pastor last month and asked to talk to the pastor's wife and Amar told her he wanted to marry Martha and then she told her husband the pastor who told me (I already knew Martha liked the boy) and then our pastor talked to O.

This is how it's done people!

There is a whole set of rules to be followed when arranging marriages.

So, if all goes as planned we want to hold the engagement (which you know from faithfully reading my posts :) are big ordeals close to the wedding ceremony itself) before we come to the USA in the end of January. Then we'd plan a wedding for Sept/Oct.

That is IF we agree. We'll see what O. says when he gets back from meeting the family. I have a feeling everything is going to go through.

I wanted to go to meet the family too but it was a 5 hour drive (which turned out to be 8 hours b/c of bad roads) and after the 24 combined hours in the car between Sat to Mon, I was not ready to do it again. Looks like I made a good decision. Plus my E. is very sick with a cough that turned in to vomiting that turned in to a pretty high fever with small itchy pimples all over her body. We just went to the the clinic tonight and I'll see how she is tomorrow. She's a nightmare to give medicine to.

If she doesn't show some improvement tomorrow I'll take her to a pediatrician. I like the clinics because they're close by and you can get in and out fast. I know, I'm a horrible mother. (This is the first time E. has been to a Dr. since we came back from the US in Aug. '05. Healthy as a horse that one.)

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