Monday, November 13, 2006


I call it our "Year of Jubilee" although technically it's not.

It will be our 7th wedding anniversary tomorrow. But Jubilee would really be the 50th year. And even if we were counting by sevens, well, the Jubilee year would have started after the ending of our 6th year - meaning today would be the LAST day of our year of Jubilee.

Regardless, I still intend to call this our Year of Jubilee.

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Di said...

According to MSN Encara Premium Dictionary, you may celebrate your JUBILEE! And I quote: jubilee means...

1. special anniversary: a significant anniversary of an important event such as a wedding

2. joyful time: a time or season of celebration

3. year of indulgence set by Pope: in the Roman Catholic Church, a period set by the pope, traditionally every 25 years, in which forgiveness of sins is granted in return for acts of piety or repentance

4. Jewish year of restitution: in Jewish history, a year of restoration or restitution that was proclaimed every 50 years by a countrywide blast of trumpets. During the period, land was left uncultivated, slaves were emancipated, and land that had been sold reverted to its former owner.

[14th century. Via French jubilé < Latin jubilaeus (annus) "(year) of jubilee" < ecclesiastical Greek iōbēlos < Hebrew yōbēl "ram"; from the ram's horn with which the year of jubilee was proclaimed]

Get out the ram's horn and celebrate!
Aren't we glad we don't have to wait 25 years to be forgiven? What a depressing 24 years that could be!